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  Since its establishment in 1965, SEBANG Co., Ltd. has pursued its management philosophy of impressing the customer. It has provided logistics services including the handling of export and import containers which have been fundamental to the growth of the nation’s economy. It has also provided stevedoring, transportation and the storage of bulk cargoes, installation and erection of over-dimensional and weight cargoes and the construction business. We have recorded continuous growth through sound management and a stable business base.

SEBANG Co., Ltd. with its annual container handling capacity exceeding one million TEU is able to provide fast and efficient logistics service through its network of 6 container yards and 4 railway container depots. Furthermore, we provide the best storage service through the operation of 4 all-weather container freight station with modern facilities.

` SEBANG Co., Ltd. operates Busan Gamman Container Terminal for international trade and global customers. This modern container terminal is equipped with three post-Panamax container cranes with an outreach capable of working vessels that are up to 18 containers wide, state-of-the-art computerized system and fully automated gate system handling 600,000 TEU annually. The Gwangyang container Terminal is also a state-of-the-art terminal which can accommodate 50,000 DWT vessels and is serving as a hub port in Northeast Asia.

SEBANG Co., Ltd. aims to provide reliable logistics service to carrier’s and shipper’s cargoes from shipping, stevedoring and inland transportation of bulk cargoes to the installation, coastal shipping and inland transportation of over-dimensional and weight cargoes. Having secured a loyal cliental of carriers and shippers over a long period of time, SEBANG Co., Ltd. has attained a distinguished position in the field that is second to none, of stevedoring and weight cargo transportation through its accumulated know-how, highly competent staff and modern equipment.

SEBANG Co., Ltd. has also entered into the LME approved warehousing business by building large-scale LME warehouse at Busan and Gwangyang port in order to become a logistics hub of non-ferrous metal in Northeast Asia and the world. Third party Logistics is carrying out comprehensive logistics service from the study of the client’s logistics market, operation as well as performance management. Our supply chain management has become a valuable asset and partnership to our clients and has contributed to cutting their logistics cost as well as providing logistics information in real time.

Based on our accumulated know - how and technology, we offer one - stop services through the establishment of integrated logistics system. SEBANG Co., Ltd.’s Cutting-edge IT systems allow our customer to track the progress of their cargoes real-time over the internet. SEBANG Co., Ltd. is providing next generation integrated logistics service, which only a truly integrated logistics company can provide.

By obtaining ISO 9001: 2000 quality certification in all our business fields, we offer the best service that meet international standards. Furthermore, by acquiring the ISO 14001 international environmental certification, we have transformed into an environmentally friendly company. With our disaster recovery system in place, we can safeguard of our customers’ cargoes in case of natural calamity or disaster.

SEBANG Co., Ltd. is increasing its corporate value through its continuous investment into new machinery and equipment and advancing into new businesses backed by our stable financial structure and customer trust. By establishing the best IT system in the logistics industry, we offer the best service to our customers through work process standardization made possible through automated logistics system and e-knowledge management system. We will provide futuristic customized logistics service for each and every of our global clients.

SEBANG Co., Ltd. strives for improvement in the living of mankind and will act as a reliable prop in the world economic development. Harmony, dedication and trust are the words which epitomize SEBANG Co., Ltd.’s corporate value, and we strive for the creation of better quality of life and value together with our customers.


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