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  Global Enterprises, Ltd. handles more than one million TEU annually by operating six CYs and four container railway depots, including all-weather CFS along with port stevedoring and inland transportation service, which enables the total integrated logistics service.

For secure storage and warehousing of export and import container cargoes and bulk cargoes, GEL operates four all-weather CFS with a total space of 4.5 acres in Busan, Uiwang and Kwangyang. We provide outstanding warehouseing service through state-of-the-art equipment, facilities and efficient cargo management through sophisticated computerized system. The Uiwang ICD located in Uiwang City, Gyeonggi Province provides not only customs clearence service but also acts as a cargo hub in the region for the convenience export and import companies located in the Gyungki Province and the Incheon area.
Busan Wooam CY/CFS 74,546 ㎡ 9,802 ㎡
Busan Central & Pier #3 32,965 ㎡  
Busan Railway Station CY 17,181 ㎡  
Busan Gamman Container Terminal 158,590 ㎡ 1,560 ㎡
Kwangyang Container Terminal 210,000 ㎡ 4,080 ㎡
Yangsan ICD 56,198 ㎡  
Gumi CD 8,292 ㎡  
Euiwang ICD 46,304 ㎡ 2,572 ㎡
Gwangju Railramp 14,057 ㎡  
Jeonju Railramp 4,651 ㎡  

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