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  Since Global Enterprises, Ltd. started port stevedoring service at the Busan port from 1965, it not only secured numermous local and foreign shippers and carriers as long-term clients, but also attained worldwide recognition for its service based upon modern equipment, experienced personnel and efficient operation, and now has solidified its position as a leading stevedorer.

Global Enterprises, Ltd. has branches throughout the major Korean ports including Busan, Kwangyang, Masan, Pohang, Gunsan, Incheon, Ulsan, Yosu, Donghae, Mokpo, Samcheonpo and Dangjin, and therefore is capable of providing services to customers at any time at any place. Our customer oriented service system provides the best expertise in the field.

Global Enterprises, Ltd. has continuously developed stevedoring techniques and upgraded equipment in order to handle the many different diversity and variety of cargoes; from handling break bulk cargoes during the early years, to handling container cargoes.

Global Enterprises, Ltd. is now recognized as a reliable stevedoring company capable of handling any and all types of cargo including container, bulk, lumber, construction materials, limestone, anthracite coal and heavy weight cargoes. Global Enterprises, Ltd. focuses its investment on the upgrading of facilities and equipment, which is essential for the safe operation and efficient handling of cargoes, as well as employee training (i.e. equipment operators) on an on-going basis. As a result, Global Enterprises, Ltd. prides itself in the modernized stevedoring facilities and equipment as well as highly trained and competent operators.


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